Hayes Wakayama Juan Law Scholarship – $4,000 Annual Scholarship


Hayes Wakayama Juan, Attorneys at Law is a Las Vegas, Nevada based law firm specializing in multiple areas of law. The founders of the firm, Dale A. Hayes Jr. and Liane K. Wakayama, both understand how difficult it is in today’s day and age to pay for college tuition. Every year Hayes Wakayama Juan will be awarding one lucky applicant with a $4,000 Annual Scholarship to help pay some of these college tuition costs.

If you are interested in applying for the Hayes Wakayama Juan Law Scholarship, please reference the criteria outlined below to properly submit your application.


In order to be eligible to win the Hayes Wakayama Juan Law Scholarship each applicant must explicitly follow all guidelines outlined in this section. All applicant submissions should be emailed directly to hayeswakayamalawscholarship@gmail.com.

  1. All applicants must email their essay submission and contact information before the set deadline of August 2nd, 2022. Essays should be focused on why each applicant is applying for this scholarship and the area of law they intend to practice in. Be as creative as possible with your submission! Essays should be no longer than 1,250 words in length.
  2. Along with their essay submissions, all applicants should include their Name, Phone Number, Email Address, and Physical Address (Street, City, State, Zip Code) within the email.
  3. Applicants must be planning on specializing in at least one (1) or more of the below practice fields of law:
  1. All applicants must be able to provide proof of enrollment in the law school they will be attending if they are selected as the winner. Failure to do so will result in their disqualification from being awarded the scholarship.
  2. The scholarship winner must consent to the use of their basic information (photo, name, essay submitted, and university they will be attending) to be published on the Hayes Wakayama Juan, Attorneys at Law website.

Scholarship Winner Announcement:

The winner of the Hayes Wakayama Juan Law Scholarship will be selected and notified no later than August 15th, 2022. The decision of the winner selection committee is absolute and final. The scholarship funds will be distributed directly to the winner’s university and will be used for tuition only. The winning essay may be published on the Hayes Wakayama Juan, Attorneys at Law website at the discretion of the partners. Hayes Wakayama Juan, Attorneys at Law has the sole right to determine resolutions for any disputes that may arise from the selection of the scholarship winner.